BALL: Orlando, Day One

Typically for me day one is getting organized and trying to figure out who UK is looking at. No such luck today because the staff is apparently involved with numerous players and the days of beating the bushes is a thing of the past. It makes one happy to be a Wildcat recruitnik again!

This morning featured Will Barton, a player many cat fans are hoping reconsiders his verbal to Memphis. While some might hope for this, I have strong doubts. The commit seems as solid. He was a bit off this morning and his team did not play particularly well, however a second game later in the afternoon allowed him to better show his talents, and talent he has.

Barton is a rail thin player who can light it from the perimeter. His long range shot is outstanding and he moves well to create the shot. Only showed good penetration skills but fatigue likely contributed to the disappointing showing. He isn't a go to the rim as much as I'd like and seemed to move more side to side rather than attacking the rim. I doubt that is his typical game but it was this morning.

I was particularly interested in Barton because I wanted something to compare with Doron Lamb who is a potential replacement for Barton. From my standpoint he isn't a plan B. In many ways I preferred Lamb's game to Barton. Lamb is a more physical developed player who will attack directly to the rim but also can and will defend. His game today did not emphasize the outside game but rather a more all around one that had drives and pull ups to go with the perimeter game.

Lamb does not shy away from contact and at one point today there was nearly an altercation based on the physical nature of the game. Best described, he knows how to score and will do whatever he needs to in order to achieve that. While both are players who can throw up 20 points in any given game, Barton is the one you will notice because he has a bit more flash however in many ways I find Lamb to be a better fit for the DDM system than Barton and definitely prefer his defense.

The third player I caught today that could be seen as a wing type player is Brad Beal, class of 2011. Scout does not have him listed as a UK target but reports are the UK has at least watched him a time or two recently. We have him listed at 6-3. Looks much bigger and is physically developed for a 16 year old. Really an outstanding player who moves well and is a great handle especially for a kid who looks more in the 6-6 range. He moves to the rim with a smoothness that is intriguing.

There were two made for TV match ups this evening which many may have seen on ESPNU. First had Barton's B-more Elite against Team Final which has Michael Gilchrist and Rakeem Christmas duo. Both Gilchrist and Christmas lived up to expectations. I was pleasantly surprised at how well Michael handled the ball. He played well within the team concept. Rakeem is best described as long who gets off the floor quickly on both ends of the floor. Neither showcased a long range game but both solid games relatively free of mistakes.
Ronald Ball, aka "Doc" on the KSR message boards, is a longtime Orlando AAU tournament regular. Ron will be reporting from the Super Showcase and Nationals and giving us his observations and thoughts on UK targets and others all week. Be sure and stop in on the original WildcatChat, KSR's premium message board, and drop Doc a note, ask him about players you'd like to see him talk about, or just to say hello.

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