BALL: Monday AAU Nationals, Part One

Ronald Ball reports from the Orlando AAU Nationsls. Here's part 1 of a two-part wrapup for Monday, July 27.

Another long and exciting day in the books. Lets get you caught up.

Its apparent who UK has targeted for this event. Coach Cal has not been in town since yesterday afternoon but there are assistants on premises and they appear to be focused on three players, perhaps four. Those players would be Doron Lamb, Adreine Payne and Tobias Harris. I expect them to be visible tomorrow morning for Kyrie Irving's game. I caught Lamb, Payne and Harris today, will see Irving tomorrow so lets talk about the first three players.

Doron Lamb-nothing I saw today changes my opinion in the least. If you read my stuff from yesterday you know he is a player I like a lot. His game today was much the same as yesterday. Score by whatever methods possible while playing hard on both ends of the court.

I still believe he is the best fit for the motion offense because he moves so well as well as being a precision passer. He has a toughness I love. I've not seen a better wing player yet, committed or not. I've likened him to Keith Bogans, others have suggested a Desmond Allison comparison. I like his range much better than Allison but I would not suggest the comparison a poor one. He has a similar build and similar on the court demeanor.

Adreian Payne-only was able to catch a bit today due to attempting to catch some other players UK has been rumored to have interest in. The time I was at the game we was on the bench. I've got him on schedule to watch some more tomorrow.

Tobias Harris-by far a more than pleasant surprise. Coming into the summer he was one of the players that I really wanted to see and am glad I did. His first game was televised on ESPNU, a game against "Team Final" which features M. Gilchrist, R. Christmas and Syracuse bound Dion Waiters.

Despite having far less hype than Gilchrist and Christmas, Tobias was the most talented player on the court, at least on this day. Harris laid 20 points on Team Final in wide array of methods. He took it down the lane, hit on put back, made his free throws and even hit a triple. In the second game he didn't do quite as well but was a bit hampered by a knee tweak. Still he managed to put up 13 points.

In both games he was one of the primary ball handlers, sort of a point forward. His handle is outstanding for a players his size. Physically he is a developed strong player. Mentally he makes good decisions and appears to be very much the team player.

Ronald Ball, aka "Doc" on the original WildcatChat, KSR's premium message board, brings us coverage of the Orlando AAU Nationals. Stay tuned for part two of the Monday evening wrap-up, and join Doc on WildcatChat for questions about his observations and comments.

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