BALL: Non-UK targets also shine (Part III)

Ronald Ball brings us the third part of his four-part breakdown on today's conclusion of AAU Nationals Pool Play with a discussion of a couple of high profile--but non-UK--players. Peek inside to see what he had to say about these future Kentucky opponents.

I also had the chance to see a couple players I had not yet seen. Two who are not UK targets but could very well go up against are Fab Melo and Patrick Young.

Melo is a man-child who is looking at Florida and UL among others. He moves well for a kid his size and has good hands. He is a skilled big body who dominates the lane. Unlike many big men, he runs the court well.

As for Young, he is a Florida commit and from a looks standpoint he is a player. He is one of those slim but strong type players you see. He is long and lean but not skinny. In the game I saw he did not get it done offensively and seemed frustrated by opponents. He is a high energy guy who looks like a grey hound and I'm sure he has more talent than he showed in the game I saw in which he failed to reach double digits in scoring.

Ronald Ball brings up the conclusion of his four-part wrap-up with some UK targets again. Check back soon for the finale at KSR.

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