BALL: UK recruiting strategy theory? Part IV

ORLANDO -- We reach the finale of the four-part breakdown of today's AAU National Pool Play with a look at Jeremy Lamb, Stacy Poole, and some thoughts about UK's recruiting strategy.

Two other players I watched today, players in some aspect linked to UK, were Jeremy Lamb and Stacy Poole. Not sure where I heard about the interest in J. Lamb was, perhaps a KSR member here.

This Norcross High School player it a skinny player with long long arms. Scout has him a 2 star kid but I see him as a better prospect. His school list isn't impressive but there were some larger schools looking and I'd not be surprised to see him in the southeast area at a good school. I feel UK has better options but this silky smooth player is going to make some school happy.

As for Poole, he is listed as a SF but could easily fill a SG void on the college level. One game today he went for 16 points. His game wasn't outstanding from a spectator standpoint but he got it done. I see him as an option like I do Cameron Clark. Not a primary target but one to go for if others fall though.

I'm still high on D. Lamb, who is the highest ranked SG not committed and hope he makes all this discussion irrelevant.

For those interested in appearance and who is here, who is watching who, etc...., UK has not been a big player in "face time" at this event. Seems we are taking a precision strike approach rather than carpet bombing.

If that is the case, our targets seem to be Harris, Lamb, Irving and Payne. Coaches Robic and Antigua have both been seen at these prospects games.

Signing off until tomorrow, hopefully after a solid nights sleep. Stay tuned to KSR for more from the AAU Nationals.

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