Calipari's right about summer recruiting

Recently John Calipari, coach of the Kentucky Wildcats, made some comments regarding summer recruiting that may not have been viewed favorably in some circles. Calipari has at least one supporter that feels he is on the money with those views.

When Kentucky's John Calipari's public comments hit the press regarding his thoughts on the July recruiting period his comments likely were not viewed favorably in some circles. After looking carefully into the coach's comments it is hard not to concede the coach is correct.

Calipari is advocating opening up more days in the fall and the spring for evaluation and making July a blackout period. By doing this schools will still be able to see some of the best events in the country, just not the ones in July. The spring months of April and May bring events somewhere every weekend. In the fall coaches will be able to evaluate players at fall events, and during their fall workouts with their high school teams.

The most sensible portion of the Calipari plan would be to allow coaches more of an opportunity to monitor their current players' summer workouts and classroom progress hands-on.

It makes sense for a coach to be able to work with his players in the summer months for a limited number of hours each week, either individually or as a team. This will enable coaches to aid players in making real progress during the summer months, and not limit summer routines to running, weightlifting, and pickup games.

The reality is that many players slack off in the summer months, and don't apply themselves to basketball or classes the way they are capable of doing. Sure, you have players like Patrick Patterson, who is going to go hard all the time, but there are some players who would be much better today than they are if they had the coaching staff's close guidance all summer long. There are also players who would be doing better academically if their coaches were on campus during July, when the bulk of players are in summer school and not on the road putting face time in with recruits.

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