Will Randall Cobb be "Mr. Excitement"?

Through many games last season the defense knew exactly where to find Cobb, lined up behind the center. This year the defenses may have a little more trouble finding the elusive Kentucky players.

I've got to admit that the one player I look forward to seeing on the field more than anyone this season for the Wildcats is Randall Cobb.

Thinking of the different ways the Kentucky Wildcats, Head Coach Rich Brooks, Head Offensive Coach Joker Phillips and Offensive Coordinator Randy Sanders can use the skill set of Cobb is enough to make your head spin, twice.

The sophomore out of Tennessee can line up as a receiver on the strong side or weak side, he can line up as a slot receiver.

Cobb can head to the backfield where he may be even more lethal appearing as an apparition from behind behemoth lineman. In the backfield he can take a direct snap from center in a shotgun formation, play a traditional running back on option or keeper plays, catch passes out of the backfield, or with his experience at QB he can take a pitch or short pass from Hartline (or a yet to be named QB) and pass the ball down field as defensive backs turn back toward him to give chase. The Kentucky coaching staff could even dust off the older trick plays and use Cobb as part of a flea flicker, where the QB get the ball to a back, who returns the ball to the QB for a down field pass.

Utilizing Cobb in so many different methods can be especially potent in a no-huddle offense, where the defenders do not have time to make adjustments, nor have time to locate the speedy playmaker.

One thing I view as a certainty, keeping Cobb healthy this season can only lead to good things for a Kentucky offense that has question marks at many of the positions Cobb can cover.

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