KSR offers BOGO--No, BOGTO

Coach Rich Brooks is preparing the football Wildcats in their quest for their 4th consecutive bowl victory. John Calipari is hot on the trail of the next blue-chip basketball player, readying the squad for national championship contention. And UK fans can enjoy it all here--THREE months at KSR for only $9.95, the cost of one month. BUT YOU MUST ACT FAST!

Subscribers get instant access to premium subscribers-only recruiting information from football guys like Allen Trieu, Dave Berk, Burke Hayes, and from top notch basketball recruiting experts like Eric Bossi, Evan Daniels, Mike Sullivan and more. And don't forget the multiple award winning "Kentucky Sportswriter of the Year," Kentucky Sports Report's Larry Vaught, who also mans the job of Sports Editor at the Danville Advocate-Messenger, as well as the "Mayor of Kentucky football," KSR's Lonny Demaree. Nowhere else will you find the accessibility of guys like Larry, who has almost 14,000 posts on KSR's exclusive premium messageboard, the original WildcatChat. Subscribers also participate in "any time" chats including GAME DAYS (especially for those who do not attend the games) and other random sessions when breaking news is forthcoming including LIVE commitment updates.

KSR has featured special guest insiders, including former players, such as Bret Bearup, Special Consultant to the Denver Nuggets, Jeff Sheppard, Coach Rich Brooks own daughter Kerri, and many more.

As always, you'll get up-to-the-minute recruiting news as it happens, not only from the "Scout" guys that are at KSR, but from long-time Kentucky Sports Report guys like Ron "Doc" Ball and his reports from the Orlando AAU basketball tournaments which has been a staple for years, Richard "Carolinawildcats" Rice, a longtime KSR recruiting guru, Brian "UnnecessaryRoughness" Eldridge, who covers both basketball and football recruiting with equal gusto. And don't forget about the KSR founder, Steve "Rainman" John, the originator of WildcatChat, and his sidekicks Keith Bays and Darrell Cartwright.

Of course the subscription also includes unlimited access to the entire Scout.com Network, including our recruiting experts around the nation. You can catch up on all you have been missing!

Keep track of all of your favorite former Wildcat players who are now in the NFL with Scout.com's extensive NFL network. There's also professional baseball coverage on the MLB sites. Total Access to recruiting videos.

No special promotional codes are needed.

Just sign-up HERE.

Sign-up for one month and automatically receive two additional months FREE!

We look forward to seeing you post on the KSR premium messageboard community--the WildcatChat Board. Make sure you let us know you have joined us. You're free from those fans from 'down the road' and from others who don't have as much to offer from the open board.

An overwhelming sentiment of those who join WildcatChat is that it's the right neighborhood to enjoy the good times (and the good times to come) as a University of Kentucky Wildcat fan.


Deadline to join our great promotion is Wednesday night at MIDNIGHT (CDT) !

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