Brooks' Obstacle Course to the Top, Part 2

On UK media days Brooks was asked where did he think his team was in the league race? "Hah, hah, hah," he chuckled.

On UK media days Brooks was asked where did he think his team was in the league race? "Hah, hah, hah," he chuckled. "We will have to go to a fourth straight bowl. It's extremely important to get to post season. The first bowl win over Clemson didn't have an impact on recruiting. - McClatchy news service said Clemson should disband their program if they lose to Kentucky.

You got more exposure and all this last class shows that three bowl wins has a significant impact recruiting. That isn't what we want to accomplish. We want to accomplish something a lot higher and be a factor in the race. There's no question we are going to have an early opportunity in Commonwealth Stadium, to be a factor in the race."

Brooks said he has no concerns about the leadership on this team. He described leadership, as, it's there not only when things are going good but when things are going bad. He said as the kids understand how to get things done; leadership spills over from class to class.

On the fact that Danny Travathan flew under the radar, one writer after stating he was only a 2-star guy ask Brooks to talk about him. "Really, he wasn't was he," Brooks facetiously sarcastically stated.

Brooks stated some reasons why he thinks this is going to be a markedly better team. 1) The big time effect of opening the season in a Pro football stadium, the Bengal's Paul Brown Stadium; 2) Recruiting a 6-foot-6 receiver like Chris Matthews; 3) Losing a Jeremy Jarmon yet having bodies, in his words, that have speed, strength, and explosion to fill his spot; 4) "Offensively we had lost all of it's offensive production from 2007and this year we return 80 percent of it and we added some pieces to the puzzle.

Hartline is going to be a much better quarterback than a year ago – he will be able to do more and hava better grasp of things;" 5) of his 2009 recruiting class, he said, "They look pretty good on the hoof and now we've just got to see what they can do on the field." 2) Lastly the talent of the two incoming quarterbacks are, with the exception of Tim Couch, higher rated nationally. USA Today had two top ten groups of national quarterbacks – drop-back and all-purpose quarterbacks -and UK had a quarterback in each group.

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