Thomas Has Next In Memphis

Just entering his junior year, Adonis Thomas has emerged as a big time hoops prospect. Kentucky is among many chasing the 6-foot-5 wing who credits his hometown for a lot.

For years now, the city of Memphis has pumped out high level basketball prospects at a good clip. Nobody knows that better than Adonis Thomas. A 6-foot-5 swingman who just began his junior year at Melrose. Now an elite recruit, Thomas is well aware of how much his home city has helped shape him.

In fact, Thomas is quick to praise the guy he's grown up looking up to and playing against for his development.

"There's a lot of guys out here, some of them get overlooked. It helps me out to play against so much talent," said Thomas. "A lot of kids here can play so defensively I've been getting better every year. Especially with my high school team because my high school coach stresses defense. Playing against guys like that you get better and they get better paying against you."

A high flying athlete who has become well known for his soaring jams, Thomas is much more than just a dunker who plays with flash. His one dribble pull-up going to his left is a weapon, he's a high level defender and he is rapidly developing into just as much of a threat from the perimeter as he is as a slasher.

College coaches have caught on quickly and the list of those chasing after the 16 year old reads like a who's who of college basketball. Among those showing interest are Memphis, Florida, UCLA, Duke, North Carolina, Kansas, Texas, Tennessee, Indiana and several others.

Having already grown familiar with Thomas while at Memphis, Kentucky head man John Calipari and his staff have reached out to the young star as well.

"Kentucky has been recruiting me too," Thomas told Kentucky Sports Report. "They were already recruiting me at Memphis and I guess they are going to keep doing so at the new place. I like coach (Calipari)."

Nowhere near trimming a list or making a decision, Thomas acknowledges that he's already feeling pressure to stay home. But, he's not letting it get to him and knows that he'll make a decision based on what's best for him, and not necessarily those around him.

"I get a lot of that when I'm around. I mean, it would be good if I stayed because I'm comfortable with everybody coming out to support me," said Thomas. "But, I've got to see my other options before I can make a decision."

For now, Thomas is focused on getting back into the gym and fine tuning his craft. He knows that the coaches will be out to watch him this fall and winter and he's also proud to be part of a new generation of Memphis stars that is putting the city on the map nationally.

"I think it's good that we're getting all of this attention, it shows that there's a lot of players coming out of Memphis," said Thomas. "Because I could be one of the top guys in my class I'm continuing to work hard and stay humble."

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