Harris sets in-homes

While in the Big Apple it was learned that Tobias Harris has named the select few who Harris will entertain for in-home visits beginning early next month.

Tobias Harris has named the schools he will entertain for in-home visits. The schools getting in-home visits are Kentucky, Syracuse, St. John's, West Virginia, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Tennessee, Maryland, Louisville, Georgia Tech and UConn.

Some may be surprised at the inclusion of Kentucky, who may have gotten in on Harris a little later than some others on his list.

When questioned about Kentucky the father of Harris, Torrel Harris told Adam Zagoria, "We said, we'll take an unofficial. If we like it we'll consider it. We took a visit to Kentucky. We liked it. I thought it was a great situation so we added them on the list. That's why they got added. You can't fault a coach if he got a new position."

The younger Harris told Zagoria, "It was a good visit. I liked the program. I liked the style of play. And Coach Calipari's a good coach also."

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