VAUGHT: Jeffries cherishes final season

Justin Jeffries has a simple motivation for this season. "This is my last rodeo so to speak, so you have to get all you can get. Every time I come out here I have to remember this could be my last time to come out here and practice or play," said Kentucky's senior offensive tackle.

He's one of the unsung players on UK's team. He's started in two straight bowl victories and also played in UK's bowl win his freshman season. Yet he's not normally mentioned when top returning players are discussed.

"I feel like it goes with the position. You take what you can get pretty much. The offensive line never gets a lot of attention. The publicity you get mostly is bad. Stuff like false starts, especially with me. That and sacks and stuff like that. You just try to stay out of the media and most of the time you will be okay," he said.

He's not upset that he was not mentioned on any preseason all-Southeastern Conference teams even though teammate Zipp Duncan, who is moving from guard to tackle, made some teams at tackle.

"It was fine with me. Everybody on there deserved it. That's my attitude," Jeffries said. "People say what they want. If they didn't vote for me, I am going to do what I can to get on the postseason team. That's all I can do and control."

What about those who did vote for him?

"That's a compliment to me. I will take all the compliments I can get. I just get on the field, play my best and hopefully get on some of the postseason teams," he said.

Jeffries hopes Kentucky is going to have a better offensive line this year.

"As long as we stay injury free, we can be better. It's a mesh. Your offensive line has to mesh together. When you have key components drop out, it makes the mesh separate," he said.

"You have to get used to new players playing with you if someone goes down. It is like a comfort thing. If we can all stay healthy and be in there together, then I think we will be just fine."

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