It's football season: Doc's BTO Game Up

Will Kentucky beat Miami of Ohio? Many UK fans think they will, but will they beat them by more than Doc's 14.5 point "line?" Who will win in the "pick 'em" Louisville v Indiana St. game? Or Alabama v. Virginia Tech? Come inside and play this long-time KSR game.

The first week's slate of games is up--CLICK HERE to play.

Ronald Ball, aka "Doc," explains the game he runs as follows:

Each week I will pick FIVE (5) games and I will make up a point spread. This point spread is mine and not necessarily the Vegas line. It might be based on Sagarin, it might be a hunch, sometimes it might be something so far off I'm trying to give you an obvious DOUBLE SHOCK (see below). The first game will be the UK game and you must play it. In other words you can not TEN FOOT POLE (TFP) it (see below). One team will have the points behind it. Those points will be added to that teams score.


UL (14.5) @ UK
This means UL is getting 14.5 pts. If you believe UK will lose or win by less than 14 pts you need to pick UL. For UK to win this game they must beat UL by at least 15 pts. So if the final score is UL 10-UK 20 the winner would be UL.

The other 4 games, or 5 games if UK is off, will follow the same procedure. I'll try to pick games of interest so if anybody has a suggestion feel free to PM me. I'll primarily look within the SEC, top 20, UL games because its fun to pull for them to lose and may include FL Atlantic (Howard Schnellenberger's team) since its my local team.

There is a double shock/ten foot pole option. You can choose one game, a game you are sure you will get right because my line sucks, and double shock (DS) it. This game will count twice....two wins or two losses. If you DS a game you denote it by placing a DS after your pick. If you do elect to DS one game you MUST Ten Foot Pole (TFP) another game. A TFP is a game you are not picking presumably because the line is so good you don't know which team to take. Hence when you DS/TFP you are playing 4 of the 5 game but still get credit for 5 games. Understand?

The last portion will be a tie breaker question. Could be anything but is usually a stat based question such as yards passing for UK. This tie breaker is only used placing the winners in order. Lets say 3 people go 4-1 for a week. The person with the closest pick on the tie breaker will be listed first but all 3 are really the winners for the week.

At the end of the year I will do a season winner. Season scoring is based on overall points. Each week you can earn up to 5 pts (1 pt for each correct pick). It will be the person with the highest score. I will drop every persons 3 lowest scores so if you miss a week it won't hurt you in the season total (a missed week counts zero).

Those going 0-5 on a given week receive the "golden sombrero" and become members of the TFP club. Wear it with pride!

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