VAUGHT: Matthews glad to be at Kentucky

If Chris Matthews turns out to be the big-time receiver that Kentucky is counting on him to be, someone should thank UCLA for changing its mind about him.

"Out of high school I was supposed to go to UCLA but unfortunately my grades were bad so a coach at UCLA sent me to Harbor (junior) College and said he would come back and get me. That didn't happen. They didn't come back," Matthews said.

"That might have had something to do with my grades, too. Again, I really did mess up. I did minor adjustments and separated from a couple of people, picked up my grades and Kentucky came through.

"I learned from what I did wrong. Now I stay on top of my grades and right now I have a 4.0 (GPA from summer school). That is a very big switch for me."

While Matthews admit he did have some worries, and disappointment, over his college recruiting, he couldn't be happier now.

"I thought about it a couple of times, but I am at Kentucky now. This is a good school and I like it, so it worked out well for me," he said.

Now it could work out well for UK, too, because he seems to be the big, athletic receiver the Cats lacked last year.

"Athletically, I have always been good. There would be times I would not look very good. My last two years of high school I did well and junior college really was not that much of a challenge. When I came here, this is where I needed to be with the best of the best. I have had to focus and play harder here every day. This is making me better, and that's what I wanted."

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