VAUGHT: Burden ready for more passes

Kentucky sophomore cornerback Randall Burden understands he's likely to see a lot of passes coming his direction since teammate Trevard Lindley is ranked as one of the nation's best cornerbacks and teams are not likely to test him often.

"I welcome the challenge, but at the same time they are still going to throw to his side some. I don't know why. I am pretty sure a lot of teams will come to my side because I am the new guy stepping on the field and they will feel like they can pick on me. I woudn't throw at him if it was me. Every time it is getting batted down or going back our direction (as an interception) if you throw at him. So I can see why teams will test me," said Burden.

Yet the former LaGrange, Ga., standout can't wait for the opportunity to play more and show what he can do.

"I am very excited. I have been waiting for this ever since I committed here. I am ready to step up and take this opportunity on as a big challenge," he said.

Burden showed at times last year that he should be ready for the job and admits the experience and confidence he got while playing as a redshirt freshman will help him.

"It started in the Alabama game with me coming in and making my first tackle. Then I came up to the Georgia game and got to play the whole fourth quarter of that game. Then coming to the Liberty Bowl and I played the second half after Trevard got hurt," Burden, who broke up two passes and made a tackle in the bowl win, said.

"It was just a big help for me and boosted my confidence up knowing I could play with SEC receivers last year."

It also helps having a chance to learn from Lindley.

"I have learned a lot from him just by watching. You learn to be more patient. He is so smooth at everything and lets it all come natural," Burden said. "I am just glad to be here playing with him. I am thankful I have this opportunity just to be in college and play SEC football, especially with a teammate like him."

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