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Every year there are fans who have varying opinions of what the Wildcats will do during the season. This year is no different. There is a quiet confidence among most fans, and many expect this to be Rich Brooks' most balanced team.

Every year there are fans who have varying opinions of what the Wildcats will do during the season. This year is no different. There is a quiet confidence among most fans, and many expect this to be Rich Brooks' most balanced team.


Record: 9 wins 3 losses
Biggest Win: Alabama
Toughest Loss: Georgia
Standout Player: Chris Matthews (Trevard Lindley is too easy to use)
Bowl: Outback


Record: 7-5
Biggest Win: UT
Toughest Loss: Georgia
Standout Player: Micah Johnson
Bowl: Chick Fil A


Record: 8 wins and 4 losses
Biggest win: Tennessee
Toughest loss: Alabama
Standout player: Chris Matthews
Bowl: Chik-Fil-A


Wearing my best full BLUE TINTED GLASSES!!!
9-3 record...
Lots of big wins this year but I will go with Bama...
UF by 7 at home is biggest loss
Mike Hartline solidifies his hold on the QB position for next year
Due to schedules and records UK goes to the first game in the new Cotton Bowl!!!


Record: 8 wins 4 losses
Biggest Win: Tennessee
Toughest Loss: Georgia
Standout Player: Randall Cobb
Bowl: Outback


Record: 9 wins 3 losses
Biggest Win: Alabama and UT
Toughest Loss: UGA
Standout Player: Chris Matthews
Bowl: Chick-Fil-A


Record 9-3
Biggest win: Tennessee (they may not be the best, but any time you beat them it is BIG)
Toughest Loss: Alabama (anytime we lose to Bama it is tough on me!)
Standout Player: TIE Chris Matthews and Michael Hartline
Bowl: Capital One in Orlando! Kentucky vs. Ohio State!


Record: 7-5
Biggest win: Vomiteers (please don't edit that)
Toughest Loss: UGA (close but no cigar)
Standout Player(s): Offense: Turtle Defense: Winston Guy
Bowl: Eat a Peach


Record 8-4
Biggest Win: Alabama
Toughest Loss: Georgia
Standout player: Randall Cobb
Bowl: Peach vs. UNC


Record 7-5
Biggest Win: South Carolina
Toughest Loss: Tennessee
Standout player: O = Mike Hartline; D = Danny Trevathan
Bowl: Chick Fil-A


Record: 7 - 5
Biggest Win: UT
Toughest Loss: South Carolina
Standout Player: Turtle
Bowl: Chicken, but not on Sundays


Winston Guy


Mike Hartline/Chris Mathews


Record 7-5
Biggest W UT
Toughest L Bama
Outstanding Player Hartline
Bowl Outback
I really want to pick a record of 9-3 or 8-4, but when I look at that schedule.....


Record: 7-5
Biggest Win: UT
Tough Loss: UGA
Oustanding Player: Hartline
Bowl: Liberty (JK) no seriously: Chick-Fil-A


Record: 7-5
Biggest W: Auburn
Toughest L: UT (again)
MOP: Cobb, Lindley
Bowl: Music City

I really want to say 8-4 but I have given up on ever seeing UK knock off UT... that game will actually be the only home game I will miss this year and the first in about 3 years


9 and 3.
Big win over Bama.
Tough loss to Georgia.
Cobb is a monster who passes, runs and catches for a total of 15 TDs.
Capitol One Bowl


Record: 8-4
Biggest W: Ewe-Tee
Toughest L: USC Lite...
MOP: Cobb, Lindley
Bowl: Chick-Fil-A


Biggest W - South Carolina
Toughest L - Jawja
Standout Player - Randall Cobb
Bowl - Outback (I can already feel the warm sand of Clearwater Beach between my toes)


Record: 7-5
Biggest win: UT
Toughest Loss: SC
Standout Player(s): Matthews and Cobb
Bowl: Peach


UF biggest win....while the Georgia and South Carolina losses are equally sickening
Cobb by a mile.
AT&T Cotton Bowl


Record 8-4 (hope for 1-2 more)
Biggest Win UT (only b/c of the streak)
Biggest Loss Georgia
(they will loose a few w/tough schedule but bring 'A' game for us between the hedges)
Bowl Outback


Biggest win: @ Vandy (because of the need for a 6th win at that point in the season)
Toughest loss: Tennessee (because it's always the toughest loss for me)
Standout player: Micah Johnson
Bowl: Music City


Biggest Win: Auburn (Although I think we SHOULD win this game. Regardless of record, a win on the plains is huge (Daryll, Daryll and Mick we will have some bragging rights in Al this year). IMO, this win will be bigger than stopping the bleeding to USC and Tennessee that WILL take place this year.
Toughest Loss: Alabama (god I hope we win this game, scared it may be a heartbreaker and we start 2 & 2. Don't worry people, it will still be a very good year for UK football.
Standout Players: Deffense:Sam Maxwell (IMO) he is prepared for a breakout year. He will win us a couple of games this year. Remember 07 against UT and he was a dropped interception away from turning last years Alabama game. I would've love to seen JW's hand on the ground more last year. My lb's would've been Micah, BK & SM and would've ran a little hybrid of a 3-4.
Offense: Matthews seems to be the easy pick based on feedback from the coaches. "Not so fast my friend", I'm going with the entire offensive line. We will run the ball much better this year, especially on the LS of the line. They will be the reason why we win 8 and head Outback to Tampa for the New Year.

I have the Auburn game as the turning point for the season. UK will learn that it can run the ball in the SEC and will carry that momentum to finish the year strong.


Record: 6-6
Biggest Win: UGA
Toughest Loss: UT
Standout Player: Locke/Micah
Bowl: Music City


biggest win: tie Tennessee and South Carolina
biggest loss: Bama cause it will be close
worst loss: Florida cause it won't

Thank you all for your participation and let's root for the Wildcats to have a good year! Go Big Blue! Follow KSR on Twitter.

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