Louisville/Lex area Insight fans to see UK-UL

If you are an Insight customer in Louisville or Lexington and hoping to watch the annual Governor's Cup between Kentucky and Louisville, you're in luck thanks to a move by Insight Communications CEO Michael Willner.

Willner and Insight will make the game, which is being televised by ESPNU, available to all of its Insight Digital 4.0 and analog customers in the Louisville and Lexington markets. According to Willner's blog post, ESPNU will be available to all Insight cable customers as a free preview during the UK-U of L game, which will kick off at noon on Sept. 19.

To tune into the game in you're in Lexington or Louisville, here is what you need to know:

  • Louisville (analog customers): channel 11

  • Louisville (digital customers): 514 for SD, 922 for HD

  • Lexington (analog customers): channel 6

  • Lexington (digital customers): 514 for SD, 922 for HD

    Digital customers will not be able to see the game on analog channels (11 in Louisville, 6 in Lexington). Only analog customers will have ESPNU on those analog channels.

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