Peters wants third win over UL

Peters:"It would be great. I took a lot of heat for coming to Kentucky from some people I thought were my friends."

Corey Peters gets messages on Facebook and other social networks. He gets text messages and phone calls. That's why the Kentucky senior defensive tackle has no problem knowing UK's next game will be against Louisville, the city where he's from. "I do have a lot of support in Louisville, but I hear a lot about the game. You just can't listen to it too much and get the big head too soon. We will see what happens when we play," Peters said of the Sept. 19 game.

Kentucky will be favored, but Peters knows the No. 9 Cardinals were two years ago when they came into UK and lost in a goal-post game for the Cats. "Coming up I always knew people that said never bet on a rivalry because anything could happen, especially when a team had been down in the past and would do anything to get that win. We have been there. My freshman year we were not expected to win. We weren't my sophomore year, either. You just have to come out to play the game and know those guys are feeling the same way we do about the rivalry and will fight to the end," Peters said.

For him, there would be no greater satisfaction than to beat the Cardinals for a third straight time in his senior season.

"It would be great. I took a lot of heat for coming to Kentucky from some people I thought were my friends. People said I will support you either way beforehand and then it turned out they didn't," Peters said. "I think that it is great that we could win three straight over Louisville. I bought into the vision that coach Brooks and coach Phillips, the guy who was in charge of recruiting me, had when they came and talked to me. It has come true for the most part and we have to build on that and go out with a bang." Peters also has at least two players at Louisville Central, his alma mater, he knows the Cats are recruiting and he knows a win over Louisville could influence their college choice. "Hopefully they will be watching and we can put on a show for them and make them want to commit on the spot," Peters said.

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