VAUGHT Louisville a special game for Jeffries

Justin Jeffries won't even try to pretend that a third straight win over Louisville wouldn't be special.

"Being from Louisville, that is one of the main things you want to do. Playing SEC football is big, but you want to beat Louisville. We have big games ahead, so you have to take every game as it comes. But this is no ordinary game to me," said the Kentucky offensive tackle.

He knows he'll get plenty of messages and phone calls from friends about the game this week. But it won't bother him now that UK has won the last two games.

"It really doesn't make any difference to me what people say. I stay pretty level headed, so not much will bother me. It's easier to enjoy when you win, too," he laughed and said. "But I think they are a lot better team than people give them credit for. They come off the ball. They have a lot of talent and depth. Any team like that be dangerous. It is like another SEC opponent for us."

Even though he's from Louisville, he says he doesn't know an abundance of Louisville players. The one he knows the best is running back Vic Anderson, a former high school teammate. "I might send him a message. I try to stay away from all that and keep my head in the game. He's special player. I know what he is capable of doing, so I don't want to stir him up," Jeffries said.

Maybe that's because Jeffries remembers two year ago when No. 9 Louisville came to UK as a big favorite and got beat by the Wildcats.

"I have been on that side, so I know what they are going through and feeling. They came here to play us two years ago and were ranked No. 9 in the nation. We were not ranked, but we won. If you fall asleep, you will get bit. And we don't want to get bit," he said.

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