VAUGHT: Cobb knows how to make plays

Randall Cobb won't brag on himself. It's just not in the Kentucky sophomore's makeup to do that.

Yet he made perhaps the key play in UK's 31-27 win over Louisville when he turned a short pass into a 27-yard gain to keep a drive alive that resulted in a needed fourth-quarter touchdown against Louisville.

"We needed a spark. I just do what I can for this team. I just tried to make something out of it to help the team," Cobb said. "It was wide open. The lineman didn't get out as fast as he was supposed to and made it a little bit tougher. It was cluttered, but it wasn't hard. Nobody really grabbed me. I ran into the back of him and then saw open field. That was a big play that gave us a spark."

He did make a mistake on UK's next series when his block in the back stalled a drive and negated a 16-yard run by Derrick Locke.

"The block in the back was probably a good call. It was close and could have gone either way. The official made a call, so we had to deal with it," Cobb said. "I knew I had to make up for it. We had got the first down and I had to make a play back."

He got the chance when Louisville fumbled the punt back to the Wildcats. He hauled in what turned out to be the winning 12-yard touchdown pass.

Did he push off to make the catch?

"No. I didn't at all .Not at all. Or at least I don't think I did," Cobb said. "That is just a routine catch for me. I expect to make those catches. If the ball is anywhere in my area, I expect to make the catch. It was a big boost for me and big boost for Mike (Hartline)."

Joker Phillips, UK's head coach of the offense, said Cobb makes plays like that daily.

"That's what you have to have in any level of football is guys that can make plays and he made plays for us. We have been saying all along we have got to get the ball in his hands. He's only 5-9, but he goes up over a guy and takes the ball away. He does it every day," Phillips said.

Now he hopes to make more plays against No. 1 Florida Saturday.

"We have a lot of things to work on for Florida, but we also have a great opportunity to show how we can play," Cobb said. "I don't think there's any doubt we will play much better against Florida than we did against Louisville."
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