Cal's talent Poole getting deeper

When John Calipari's squad received a verbal commitment from Stacey Poole today it not only added to the growing stable of talent, but gives Kentucky a player with a scorer's mentality.

Dave Telep was asked to describe the game of new Kentucky commitment Stacey Poole, by KSR's Larry Vaught. Telep replied, "Scorer. Has a way of getting himself buckets. When challenged he's responded."

While the addition of a four star player like Poole may not impress some fans hung up on the star rating system, this is a kid that Calipari and his staff began working hard in mid-summer, and wanted to add to the team.

When it comes down to the rubber meeting the road John Calipari knows one facet of the game a team must excel at is scoring baskets. Poole showed over the summer he can definitely score the ball, and got the attention of the Kentucky staff.

For those fans old enough to remember Poole's father, also named Stacey, when he played for the Florida Gators, they likely look forward to a chip off the old block. The elder Poole had a number of games in his career against the Wildcats where he scored more than 20 points, as he easily averaged double-digits against Big Blue during his career.

It will seem a bit odd watching the former Kentucky nemesis in the UK family section, no doubt decked out in Wildcat blue, cheering on the team he once strived to defeat.

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