JOHNSON: No team is unbeatable

Christian Johnson is not one to mince words. What he believes, he says. That's why he didn't hesitate when asked how good Florida is.

"Florida is a real good team. I am not going to lie. They have a great quarterback and a real good defense. At the same time, we can't put them on this pedestal as if they are unbeatable. I feel like any team can be beaten. We have to work hard. We have to play a perfect game, but we are not going out there to lose. We are playing to win," said Johnson.

He was academically ineligible and also injured last year when the Gators routed Kentucky. But he was on the field two years ago when the Cats stunned then No. 1 LSU in three overtimes after being routed by the Tigers a year earlier.

"People have to remember the year before that we went to LSU and they beat the crap out of us. They came back up here and we beat them and they were a real good team. Last year we went to Florida and they embarrassed us and this year they have to come up here and we are a lot better team," Johnson said.

"They put it on us last year. They kicked our butts. I didn't get to play and had to watch from home, but it was tough to watch. Guys can still talk about that.

"It was just one mistake after another mistake after another mistake and they kept capitalizing, which a good team does. We got the worst end of the deal. We talk about it, but we are also looking forward to playing them again and getting another chance to win. Maybe nobody else believes we can win, but we do."
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