UK-Florida is an opportunity for respect

The Kentucky-Florida matchup for the Wildcats is much more than a football game, it is an opportunity to earn respect both in the SEC and on the national scene

When Kentucky hosts Florida on the grid iron on national TV on Saturday the Wildcats will not only be in search of its first win in ages against the Gators, they will also be in search of respect, both in the SEC and nationally.

Kentucky's accomplishments of the last three seasons, which include a school record three consecutive bowl victories marks a string of success not witnessed by Kentucky football fans in most of their lifetimes. With wins against bowl opponents the last three seasons, a win against national champion to be LSU two seasons ago, and many other program milestones the Wildcats are still in search of one thing.


For the Wildcats to gain the respect they are searching for they do not need to win the game, they do need to be competitive and play well. The last thing the Wildcats need is a debacle siimilar to some of those games past, where they appeared to be less competition than the Florida scout team.

Kentucky can gain the respect they need to gain the national recognition necessary to get the voters in the polls attention by playing Florida tough. The Wildcats can make a huge national splash by coming away wih a victory, which is their ultimate goal.

One thing is certain, this Wildcat squad is a team capable of locking away the ghosts of lost chances past in the closet, and coming up with a signature win. Perhaps the most important factor in coming away with a signature win is that the Wildcats and the Big Blue nation need to believe that a victory is possible.

Rich Brooks should have his charges ready to compete, but it may fall on the fans to be that 12th man that leads the Wildcats to victory on Saturday, and to do that the fans absolutely must believe the Wildcats can pull off the upset.

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