KSR members talk UK football

The Kentucky Wildcats fell to 2-2 (0-2) on the season yesterday with a 38-20 drubbing at the hands of # 3 Alabama. This marked the second consecutive decisive loss Kentucky has suffered, losing 41-7 to # 1 Florida the week before. KSR members are all over the boards discussing the good, the bad and the ugly about UK football. Here are some of those comments.

Mac122 believes the season is on the brink, and much will be known after the *next* two weeks. Mac said--

"The next two games determine if we can have a very good season or if we will struggle to make 6 wins. If we somehow by the grace of God win both, then we are in prime shape for Tampa or better, if we lose them both, then we will be hoping that we somehow get 6 wins. I will be happy with a split in our next two. The only reason this next game has any more meaning than Auburn is because it's the next one and it's against a SEC East team we haven't beat in a long while. We need an influx of Valium on offense against USC."

KSR's Kencat maintains a wait-and-see attitude.

"Let's wait and see what happens at SC. We just played what in some experts minds are the top 2 teams in the country back to back. I still think we have a legit chance of coming home next week with a win. We just need to cut out the mental errors."

IM4UK has an interesting theory that relates to the coaching staff. See what you think about this--

"Guys, Our coaches are playing it smart... they showed a little in the first quarter when we were competitive but then when we melted down they reigned the playbook in(it was obvious)... they would never, ever admit this but they conceded before the season that they would lose these 2 games and the only way they would open it up was if they had a chance to win... the truth is they are celebrating they got no significant contributors hurt! Joker is a creative Offensive coordinator.... he and Coach Brooks are doing what they need to do to build this program... WIN THE GAMES THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO WIN! And if they can pick up another win or 2 that is bonus... I look for them to go after SC in a big way. "

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