Harrison would like to silence SCarolina talk

Kentucky safety Calvin Harrison is a South Carolina native, but he grew up more of a Clemson fan. "The atmosphere there was just a little better," he said. However, he never really considered playing for Clemson or South Carolina. "I was recruited by both of them, but I was of the mindset to go out of state," said Harrison.

But that doesn't mean Saturday's game at South Carolina is still not special to him.

"I have got friends and former teammates that play at South Carolina. I have a lot of family members that like South Carolina. They are always on me about South Carolina beating us. I would love to get a win and stop all that talk," Harrison, UK's second leading tackler with 29 tackles, said.

"I feel we can measure up with anybody in the country. It's just going to come down to who wants the game more and plays the hardest."

South Carolina has nine straight wins over Kentucky, a number Harrison knows all too well. "It's always been a mistake here, a mistake there against them," Harrison said. "Last year it was a blocked field goal that made the difference. We still have a positive feeling about this game and feel we can accomplish a lot if we just clean up our mistakes.

"They like to throw the ball a lot, so as a defensive back you like that because it gives you a chance to get interceptions."

Only Harrison and defensive end Corey Peters came to Monday's weekly press conference to discuss the South Carolina game. What happened to the offensive players? "I don't know why they are not here. I have no clue. I'm pretty sure they had a good reason," he laughed and said.

Maybe they aren't as confident about winning Saturday as the defensive players are.

"No, that's not it. Everybody is confident in what we are doing. We just have to go to work and execute," Harrison said. "We will be fine. There's no reason to panic or anything like that."

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