Stevenson likes having mother in Lexington

He's playing for his third coach in four years, but at least Perry Stevenson has one constant — his mother, Renee Ardoin. She moved to Lexington about 18 months ago and has been a stabilizing force for her son, a senior forward at UK.

"It has been good with her here. I live on campus and she lives far enough off if I don't want to see her that day, it works," Stevenson said. "I always want to see her, but if I don't want to be bothered by an adult figure I just stay on campus."

However, he likes to be "bothered" at special times.

"She will cook for me. All I have to do is call and ask. My mom doesn't cook many dishes, but what she cooks is really, really good," Stevenson said.

What about laundry? Has she taken that job off him?

"She usually makes me do my laundry, but sometimes I mess it up on purpose and she will help rather than have me looking bad," Stevenson said.

What she won't do is baby him after a game. She will be brutally honest with her son.

"She is tough on me after games. Usually I don't have to call her, she will call me. She's not going to feel sorry for me. She's always been that way. She will tell me exactly how she feels, but I love her for it and every day I am glad she's here with me," Stevenson said.

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