VAUGHT: Miller likes Wall, Cousins

Darius Miller never really worried what freshmen John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins might be like because of their big high school reputations.

He knew both were regarded as two of the nation's top players, had numerous scholarship offers and were already being projected as high NBA draft picks in 2010 even before they got to Kentucky.

"They are great players. They had a lot of hype coming to the school, and I think they really deserved it. They really work hard," Miller said. "A lot of players like that get bad reputations, but I think they are great teammates. We have a lot of fun with them and everybody is growing as a team. I kind of talked to John before he came up and knew what kind of player and person he was. A lot of players like that get bad reputations but they are not your stereotypical superstars. They are good guys."

Miller didn't know about the speed Wall and Eric Bledsoe, another freshman point guard, had.

"They are extremely fast. It's hard to keep up with both of them just running back and forth up the court. I don't know if there is anybody that can keep up with them," Miller said. "They are so explosive and will help us a lot. They will cause tough matchups for a lot of players because they are so fast and quick off the dribble and defensively they are real quick, too. You just have to be out there with them to understand how fast they both are."

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