Auburn victory smooths road to fourth bowl

With the Wildcats now sitting at 3-3 at the halfway mark it is time to evaluate the bowl potential of the team. The Auburn victory should bolster the postseason prospects for the Wildcats and put them on the road to a fourth consecutive bowl appearance.

At the midpoint of the season it is not to early to begin to look at the road to bowl eligibility for the current edition of the Kentucky Wildcats. A bowl appearance this post season would mark the first time in Kentucky football history in which the Wildcats play four consecutive bowl games.

The Wildcats are now 3-3 and need a minimum of three more wins to become bowl eligible. Two wins should come against Louisiana-Monroe and Eastern Kentucky University; both teams visit Commonwealth Stadium over the coming weeks.

While one never wants to assume wins, Kentucky has been adept at scheduling non-conference wins over the last three seasons. The schedule makers at Kentucky know that bowl eligibility is determined in large part by playing winnable games at home, given the tough SEC conference.

Sandwiched between games with Louisiana-Monroe and EKU is a home game against Mississippi State. State lost to Auburn by a score of 49-24 earlier this season. Mississippi State does not look like a bowl bound team at this time.

Kentucky's final three games of the season begin with the game at Vanderbilt. Vandy has struggled this season and is in somewhat of a rebuilding year after having a couple of successful seasons. Vandy's offense is struggling this season, and this is a winnable game for the Wildcats; but it is Vandy and some strange things have been known to happen when the two teams line up against each other.

Kentucky then goes to Athens to play Georgia after the game at Vandy. This is another one of those games in which the Wildcats have a chance to win, as Georgia is having what for them is a down year, losing a week ago to Tennessee by 45-19. This game should be a battle, as Georgia may come in looking to win the game to make them bowl eligible.

Tennessee comes to town to wrap up the regular season. UT is rebuilding, and has a new coach. The team's only SEC games they have played have come against Florida, Auburn, and Georgia. They played Florida tough in the Swamp, losing by ten. Auburn defeated the Vols at Neyland a week later, followed by the previously mentioned drubbing of the inconsistent Georgia Bulldogs.

The Wildcats have a realistic shot at running the table; they should at worse go 3-3 to conclude the season. Either scenario and the Cats are bowling for a fourth straight season. Games are played for a reason, and the Wildcats need to get through the next six games without further major injuries, plus need to get some players healthy and back on the field. Unlike the elite teams in the SEC the Wildcats still do not have the depth to successfully fend off major injuries at multiple positions without a drop off in skill level.

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