Top Five Victories of the Rich Brooks Era

After a historic win over the Auburn Tigers this weekend, talk began about how significant this win was for the Wildcats. KSR rates the top five wins of the Brooks Era.

5. @ Arkansas - September 22, 2007
Kentucky was 3-0 going into Fayetteville Arkansas to battle against the Razorbacks and Heisman candidate Darren McFadden. The Wildcats went in and played the Hogs close for three quarters before running away in the fourth, defeating a very talented team on the road 42-29. Andre Woodson threw for 265 yards and two touchdowns. They Cats also ran for 170 yards. Winning this game proved that the Wildcats were capable of defeating a quality team in the SEC and on the road.

4. Georgia - November 4, 2006
Georgia has always been one of the all-time great programs in the SEC. Defeating the Bulldogs wasn't something that happened often for the Wildcats. But Kentucky pulled off the game, winning 24-20. Andre Woodson threw for 204 yards and two touchdowns, but the star of the game was backup running back Tony Dixon who stepped in and carried the load late in the game. The Wildcats were just two games removed from a gashing at LSU and the following week they defeated Mississippi State. Defeating Georgia boosted their confidence to the highest level. The victory also gave Kentucky more credibility on the recruiting trail in the state of Georgia where they've always spent a lot of time.

3. Louisville - September 15, 2007
Rich Brooks hadn't defeated Louisville at all during his tenure at Kentucky. The Cardinals had been the dominant team in the state. Rated number 9 in the nation, they fell to the Wildcats 40-34. It was a back and forth affair that culminated in a 57 yard touchdown pass from Andre Woodson to Steve Johnson to take the lead. Woodson finished the game with 275 yards and four touchdowns. Winning this game gave Kentucky it's first victory over a top ten team in the Rich Brooks era and it also helped swing control of the state back over to the Wildcats.

2. @ Auburn - October 17, 2009
Kentucky went to Auburn with a 2-3 record on a three-game losing streak. The Tigers were considered one of the most potent offensive teams in the nation and had a 5-1 record. The Wildcats defense managed to hold the Tigers 174 below their per game average and held the offense to only seven points. The Wildcat offensive line took control of the game helping running back Derrick Locke and jack of all trades Randall Cobb both run for over 100 yards. As a team, the Wildcats ran for 282 yards. The Wildcats were also breaking in two new quarterbacks after the injury to Mike Hartline. The victory is significant because the Wildcats have spent more time recruiting the state of Alabama and the Wildcats haven't defeated Auburn in 43 years until Saturday night.

1. LSU - October 13, 2007
Ranked number 18 in the country with number one LSU coming into Commonwealth Stadium, Kentucky defeated the LSU Tigers 43-37. LSU went on to win the National Championship that season, but Kentucky stood toe-to-toe with what most consider the most talented team in the country that season. Woodson threw for 249 yards and three touchdowns and Steve Johnson had 133 yards and a touchdown on seven catches. A young Derrick Locke also showed his toughness by taking hit after hit in route to 64 yards and a touchdown on the ground. Recruits who were at the game and those who watched it on television all mentioned this victory as one that made a significant impact on how they felt about the Kentucky program. This was Kentucky's first victory over a top rated team since 1964.

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