VAUGHT: Miller offers insight into Cal's Cats

Kentucky sophomore Darius Miller offered a variety of insights into the Kentucky team with these comments.

Question: How good is Darnell Dodson?

Miller: "He can really score the ball. He can shoot lights out. He shoots very well from any area in the court."

Question: Is he the best shooter on the team?

Miller: "Probably."

Question: Is his game similar to yours?

Miller: "I don't know. He is more of a shooter. He can get to the rim, don't get me wrong. But his strongest asset is the way he shoots the ball.

Question: What kind of guy is he?

Miller: "He is a lot of fun to be around. He has a great personality. He plays really well with the team. I think all of us mesh together really well. It's a lot of fun to be around all these players, including Darnell.

Question: Did it surprise you that the newcomers were so much fun to be around immediately?

Miller: "At times people try to make it out like the superstars have bad attitudes or don't work hard. But it is totally the opposite. They are all great guys and we have fun together and spend a lot of time together, too. I think we are going to play really well together as a team."

Question: How nice would it be to just have fun all year?

Miller: "That would be real nice. I think everybody would like that. Winning does play a role in it, but there is more to it. However, I don't think anybody is happy with losing like we did last year."

Question: Is it easier to win if you are having fun?

Miller: "Definitely. Last year I don't know what happened. I think losing contributed to last year. Nobody is happy when you lose. I don't think anybody should be happy, so that might have been part of it."

Question: Will the new guys be as much fun when the games start and the pressure builds?

Miller: "From what I know, these players have been in that type atmosphere before. Maybe not quite as big, but they have been in atmospheres like that. I don't think it will have a big effect. It might take some getting used to, but it won't be a big deal."

Question: Is DeMarcus Cousins the biggest cut-up and flirt on the team as some players say?

Miller: "I don't know. We have a few of them. Daniel Orton is. Josh Harrellson really isn't a flirt because he has a girlfriend, but he cuts up a lot. Everybody really cuts up and cracks jokes."

Question: But Orton says he is not like that. Is that not true?

Miller: "He is lying. No doubt about that."

Question: Seriously, are you guys really as close as it sounds so early in the season?

Miller: "That goals along with everybody having great personalities. Everybody likes to have a good time."

Question: Is this still Patrick Patterson's team no matter how good the freshman are?

Miller: "Definitely. He is the leader on the team. In my opinion, he is the best player on the team."

Question: But what about John Wall being named preseason player of the year by some?

Miller: "John is an outstanding player. He had a lot of hype and deserves every bit of it. He works extremely hard. I wouldn't take anything away from him."

Question: But would you trade Patterson for anybody?

Miller: "No, I wouldn't. He's the leader on the team. Without Pat, it would be a lot harder. He demands a lot from us. He gets us ready and makes us focus, but at the same time he has a lot of fun. But when he needs to turn it on, he will."

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