Media believes in the magic of Calipari

The national pundits are once again including the Kentucky Wildcats among those teams being mentioned as national title contenders in next spring's NCAA tournament. After landing in the NIT last spring the accolades are indicative of the national media's belief in John Calipari and the recruits he brought in last spring.

After four seasons of mediocrity, where the University of Kentucky's accolades were few and far between, this preseason has been a 180 degree turn for the Kentucky basketball program.

While the Kentucky fans have often been given credit (blame?) for hyping the team it is the mainstream media that has led the charge this time.

On the strength of new hire John Calipari and his top ranked recruiting class many in the national media are touting the Kentucky Wildcats as national title contenders, just one season following the team being left out of the NCAA tournament.

In order to make such an epic jump those in the media are predicting show just how much confidence the media has in the abilities of the Kentucky coach to bring about a phoenix like rise in the level of play in the program. It also pays homage to the talent Calipari was able to assemble in such a short time last spring.

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