DEMAREE: Patterson, the pace-setter

As far as the tone set, for media and the guy that's looked to be the pace setter, it seemed to be like "Groundhog Day." Just like last year, everything points to Patterson as the guy who will show the way for the what should be a thirst-quenching season.

Fans are hungry for something tasty to fill the four year hole and the thirst-quencher (a Final Four) to top it off. As great as some of the players John Calipari has brought to Kentucky, the key still lies with the experience of the mainstays. And the bell-cow of that group is Patrick Patterson.

We asked DeMarcus Cousins what he liked about Patterson? "He's a vet (eran), Cousins said. "Everything you here about him is true. The bottom line is he can play ball. His work ethic is out the roof, he never gets tired. Everybody is wore out, barely can walk, and Pat goes and gets on the treadmill for another hour. He never stops working. We say Pat, you are not tired? He says NO, I'm cool Pat just goes all day, it's amazing."

We asked Patterson, what he would give for a healthy season, if he had a valued treasure he could give up? He said "no " "It's just work and I pray for a healthy year." Patterson could've said any number of things but the word work was the first thing that jumped out of his mouth. He said they have some great talent but combine that with work - there's that word again - we can be very good.

Daniel Orton said being out in California with Patrick Patterson showed him Patterson's work ethic.

Calipari said he sat down with Patterson when he decided to pull his name out of the draft and grilled hm on why he wanted to come back to UK. The coach said, 1) He wanted to graduate in three years, which he will; 2) He needed to play in a NCAA tournament; and 3) He needed to play in Calipari's system. Calipari said he will be the leading rebounder, he will shoot well, and he can make the three.

We asked Patterson if he looked forward to playing with a player that can be as dominating as John Wall and will it be similar to when he played with O. J. Mayo? "They have a similar type of attitude on the court," Patterson said. Patterson talked about making a permanent stamp on Kentucky Basketball. "We all believe we can be a great team," Patterson said. "We want to be one of the greatest to play here at a Kentucky. We want to be know around the world ." To fulfill our expectations this year, it's all about work." There's that work again.

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