VAUGHT: Team chemistry impresses Dodson

Darnell Dodson has no problem explaining what has impressed him the most about the University of Kentucky basketball program since he arrived on campus in August.

"Just the chemistry everybody has. Nobody thinks they are above the team. Everybody is after the same goal. That is the most important thing on any team. If you have some people who think they are above the team, then you won't come together at rough times or in adversity. We don't have that," said Dodson, a junior college transfer.

He admits much of the credit for that belief obviously comes from junior Patrick Patterson because he demands other players understand the team comes first.

"We get it a lot from Pat. Just watching him and going through workouts, his attitude toward everything is positive and he always tries to bring us together," Dodson said. "He could definitely will knock heads or tell us when we are out of line. Pat is the team leader. He has been here and obviously he could have left (for the NBA). I respect that a lot. Anything he says, I listen to."

And how does he like UK?

"I love it here. At first, I wasn't sure. But now I love it. Everything about Kentucky is just so much better than even I thought it would be. It's all outstanding," he said.

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