VAUGHT: Film study has helped Micah Johnson

Finally we know exactly why the physically gifted Micah Johnson didn't make quite the impact his first two years at Kentucky that everyone — including himself — thought he would.

The senior linebacker made that clear this week when he was talking about the breakout game sophomore linebacker Danny Trevathan had when he made 14 tackles at Auburn and reflecting back on his early career. "My freshman year I didn't take film study seriously enough and it showed because I couldn't stay on the field because I was not prepared mentally even if I was physically," said Johnson, who also had 14 tackles last week and was named SEC Defensive Player of the Week. "My sophomore year I did more studying, but it still wasn't enough. Then my junior year I took it to another level with the film study and my play improved dramatically because I finally understood totally what the coaches wanted." "Danny is like that already. He understands what it takes to play and win at this level better than I did. He knows what is going on. He communicates and is doing a great job. I wish now I had been as mentally prepared my sophomore year as he is." Perhaps Trevathan wishes he could put a special signature on his head the way Johnson does when he gets his Mohawk haircut and has his barber, Juan, put something special on the side of his head. The last two weeks it was 913 — his high school area code. "I don't know what I will do for this week. I will do something. I come up with ideas and have a real good barber that can do anything you want. He can do all the crazy designs. It's amazing," Johnson said. Kind of like how much film study and game preparation helps turn a good player into a gifted player.

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