Mitchell uses Patterson for inspiration, too

UK women's coach Matthew Mitchell told KSR's Larry Vaught that junior Patrick Patterson, of the men's team, can help inspire his players — or anyone else.

It's no secret that Patrick Patterson's return to the University of Kentucky sent a strong message to his teammates and UK fans. It clearly established him as the leader of the team and a player teammates should emulate.

However, UK women's coach Matthew Mitchell said Patterson can also help inspire his players — or anyone else.

"We try to use all forms of inspiration that we can find from motivational quotes to people who set great examples to great things our players do in the classroom or out in the community," Mitchell said.

"We are always looking for motivation and John (Calipari) and I were talking about what an incredible example Patrick Patterson sets with his effort and intensity. A lot of times you see talented people just go through the motions and get by on their talent. He is not one of those people.

"I watched him in practice and was so impressed. John is able to use him as an example of effort. When you can get your best player to be that kind of example, you are in good shape.

"Victoria Dunlap does that for us and plays as hard as any player in this league on defense and gets every rebound. When you are in that situation, you can point that out to younger players in your program and it makes a huge impact on them. Those kind of players are rare for us and I know Patrick Patterson is one of those very rare players any coach would like to have."

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