Secondary answering the call without Lindley

Kentucky's Trevard Lindley has been on the shelf with a high ankle sprain since October 3rd. With an opportunity to show chinks in its armor the Kentucky secondary has risen to the occasion and has played well without its All SEC player.

There is no question that among the Kentucky defensive backs Trevard Lindley stands above all others. Lindley is the preseason All SEC player, Lindley is the guy NFL scouts watch the secondary to see. Of late Lindley has only been seen on the bench; as he has been sidelined by a high ankle sprain since October 3rd.

With its leader on the bench the Kentucky secondary has answered the call, and performed well since Lindley went down.

One player cannot make up for the absence of a player like Lindley, but as a secondary the entire unit has worked hard to make up for the loss. Players like Paul Warford, Randall Burden and Matt Lentz (the converted QB) are improving each week.

In the end, assuming Lindley comes back healthy this season, the secondary may be a stronger unit as the season winds down due to Lindley's injury, and the experience some players have gained as a result.

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