Now you see them-now you don't

It's a brilliant marketing idea. The NCAA has closed the loophole on having unlimited scrimmages. No more barnstorming in areas to attract fans or even fertile recruiting grounds. So the marketing machine known as Team Calipari found a way to beat the system--they'll simply hold open "practices" in various places, including this Sunday in Louisville's Freedom Hall. Or will they?

"In response to numerous reports, the UK men's basketball team will not be conducting an open practice in Freedom Hall this Sunday," Kentucky Associate Athletic Directo/Media Relations DeWayne Peevy said in a media release this evening.

Internet rumor run wild? No basis in fact? Or has there been a change of plans?

The media release wasn't clear, but one thing seems certain--media access seems to be somewhat limited currently. Kentucky earlier announced that there would be no media availability prior to the Blue-White game on Wednesday, but also announced the "regular" media availability would begin on Friday, October 30.

Except, of course, earlier today UK announced that there would be no media availability of the coach and players for Friday, October 30.

More than likely, just a series of happenstance coincidences. But with the John Wall saga swirling in the air on the eve of Halloween, who knows?

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