"Cubicle Cats" open vs Morehead State

The winningest program of all time opens its office Friday night, but without a Wall--John Wall, that is. We'll call them the "Cubicle Cats" since they don't have a Wall, and those Cats will face the Morehead State Eagles Friday night at 6:30 p.m. in Rupp Arena. Morehead is a returning NCAA tournament team picked to win their conference this year and will be no pushover for the Cats.

Ask Louisville coach Rick Pitino about the Eagles. The # 1 Cardinals opened the tournament against the # 16 seeded Eagles last year, but led only 35-33 at halftime. And the majority of the Eagles return this season.

New UK coach John Calipari knows the road will not be easy. "Morehead Stat is well-coached and the shooters shoot; the post-up players post-up; they have roles to execute and offense is executed," Calipari said. "So when you go zone, they have good stuff. On out-of-bounds plays they have good stuff."

Even though the matchup may be tough, Calipari believes it is a matchup that will make his team better. "You cannot learn against "Popcorn State," Calipari explained. "What you learn against "Popcorn State" is that you're better than "Popcorn State" – that's all you learn."

So will the "Cubicle Cats"--the Cats without a (John) Wall--play any differently without the # 1 freshman in the country at point guard? Not according to the rest of the team. Senior guard Mark Krebs said the team will play the same way with fellow freshman Eric Bledsoe running the point.

"The best part about it is nothing really changes," Krebs said. "They both push the ball really fast and are talented. When you get in there you know they both have the same mentality, pretty much score first, then look inside, then run the play and do whatever we need to do. (There's not) a huge difference when one is in instead of the other. No matter who's in there you know you have a good point guard."

Junior forward Josh Harrellson agreed. "I don't think much will be different," Harrellson explained. "It will probably be just as fast-paced. John gets the ball up the court so quick, but Eric is just as fast as John when it comes to that. I don't think much will be different though."

Tipoff for the game is Friday, November 13 at 6:30 p.m. in Rupp Arena. The game will be televised by ESPNU.

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