KENNY WALKER: Patterson will accept winning

Patrick Patterson probably is not going to play as many minutes this year and maybe even his numbers won't look as good because of that and Kentucky's overall talent. But he's not a player to worry about that.

He probably has the best overall attitude of any player I have seen play or played with. Sam Bowie and Kyle Macy were two guys I knew very well and they had great attitudes. They had that aura about them that they were natural born leaders and they also carried themselves in the media room and off the court well just like Patrick does.

I think he can accept a role where he is not scoring as many points, especially if he is getting the help to improve his game and I think his ballhandling and outside shot will get a chance to develop. The most important thing, though, is that they will win a lot. When you win, that cures all the other problems that players might have. When you win, everybody is happy.

I know some players can say that and not mean, but not Patrick. I have been around him now for a couple of years and he is blessed with great parents that keep him humble. I love the fans that the fans say about him. Everybody you talk to, you can't find anybody that says a bad thing about Patrick Patterson. And you can't because he plays hard, he practices hard, he does and says all the right things. I thought he was more mature than the coach and some of the other people last year in the way he handled things.

He didn't play in the NCAA Tournament his freshman year because of the ankle injury and last year they had a bad season and didn't make it. He has had a great career here at UK, but he understands the history and tradition of UK basketball. I think the main reason why he came back was to have a more secure spot in UK's history because up to now he has not even played in the NCAA Tournament and I think that is very important to him.

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