KENNY WALKER: Depth will help UK defense

I know people worry about the 3-point shooting and how the dribble-drive offense will work, but I think all that will eventually be fine.

Always at this time of year, your defense should be ahead of your offense. Look at our guys at every position and they all have long arms and all can play multiple positions., If we can score and get the press on, I really think we are going to turn teams over an awful lot.

When you have Eric Bledsoe and John Wall in the backcourt, it is going to be incredible what they can do.

I think this team will eventually be a great defensive team and the depth is going to help that. When you rotate nine or 10 players, it really puts a lot of pressure on the other team. A lot of teams will be stuck in six- or seven-man rotation. With the type of players we have this year, I just think we are going to have the ability to wear teams down.

If you get guys to play as hard as they can for three to five minutes and then you take them out and give the guys coming in to do the same thing and then you rotate again, it takes a toll on a team you are playing. If you win, that also keeps everybody happy.

Players do like to press, too. It gets the energy level up for players. Sometimes you come out and if you are playing a zone defense, you get lazy. If you play the press and not get embarrassed, you have to be moving. And if you get steals and are knocking down 3-point shots and making dunks off the press, that energizes the crowd and the whole team. So absolutely pressing is the way to go and what players like.

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