VAUGHT: Patterson's one glaring weakness

Finally I've found something Patrick Patterson is not good at.

Patterson has trouble criticizing teammates or really getting on them for making mistakes even when he knows they need correcting.

"I am becoming a little bit more comfortable as a leader. I know that I have to talk a lot more to be a better leader and be a lot more vocal like coach (John Calipari) wants me to be. It is going to take time. It won't happen in a short period," Patterson said.

So it is hard for you to get on teammates even though Calipari expects it?

"That is one of the hardest things for myself. Getting on somebody if they do something wrong or getting in a teammate's face when they do this or that is probably the toughest thing on my part," Patterson said. "It is just something I have never done before growing up. I have never been the type of person to do that, but I know as a leader the time will come when I have to do that more and more.

"It won't be easy because it is not natural. But I also know that is something I need to do for this team to be better and I will do it."

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