Cats now playing for bowl positioning

The win at Vandy essentially guarantees the Wildcats a spot in the postseason. How they play against Georgia and Tennessee determines where they will play.

With bowl eligibility in its back pocket the Kentucky Wildcats now turn to the next step in the process, improving their bowl resume.

The amount of improvement in that resume will be determined when the Wildcats take on Georgia and Tennessee to wrap up the season. Good showings will improve their standing, a win or two would improve their bowl standing greatly.

Kentucky's bowl resume is aided by the willingness of the Kentucky fans to follow their beloved Wildcats, buy tickets and fill up stadiums.

It appears that the SEC is destined for two BCS slots, with the winner of the SEC title game likely headed toward a national title game in Pasadena, and the loser of the title game is likely Sugar Bowl bound.

The SEC bowl affiliations are:

Capital One Bowl in Orlando gets the first pick after the BCS.

The Outback Bowl in Tampa and the Cotton Bowl in Dallas get post-BCS picks two and three. The Outback usually takes its pick from the SEC East, and the Cotton Bowl gets its pick from the SEC West. However, the bowls can swap if they agree to a trade.

The Chick-fil-A Bowl in Atlanta will get pick #4.

The Liberty Bowl and Music City Bowl get picks #5 & 6, and are tiered together. The team gets to choose which one they play in if the two bowls want the same teams.

The Independence Bowl in Shreveport, Louisiana gets pick #7.

The Bowl in Birmingham gets the ninth pick.

At present LSU appears in good position for the Capitol One Bowl, but the remaining bowl bids are wide open.

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