Best QB on UK's team may be a track star

With Mike Hartline's injury sidelining him for more than a month, and Morgan Newton separating himself from Will Fidler, the answer to the question about who should quarterback UK appears to be answered. Or is it? There may be a surprising answer to that question.

Anybody know who is the best quarterback on UK's team, according to the passing efficiency ratings?

If you said Morgan Newton, you wouldn't be correct. If you said Mike Hartline's was better, you'd be right, but you still wouldn't have the right answer. Hartline's 114.4 quarterback rating surpasses Newton's 106 rating, but both take a back seat to.....

Drum roll, please.

Derrick Locke. Would you believe a 444.4 quarterback rating?

Of course, that's based on one pass--a dynamic, halfback option 41-yard toss to Newton himself that set up Kentucky's first touchdown yesterday against Vanderbilt. The pass put Kentucky at the Vanderbilt 21-yard line, and Randall Cobb's run out of the Wildcat the next play put Kentucky up 7-0 yesterday.

Of course, this suggestion is in jest. A trick play--instilled in the Kentucky offense just this past week--hardly qualifies UK's best halfback to be the quarterback as well. And besides, Locke is too valuable at running back--he had a team high 144 yards rushing on 25 carries yesterday as well--to even pretend to move him to quarterback. But did you know that the player that arrived at Kentucky on a track scholarship actually played quarterback in high school? Locke started at running back his freshman year, then moved to quarterback for two seasons, his sophomore and junior seasons, before returning to running back his senior season.

The idea, of course, is as far-fetched as moving Locke to defense to help shore up Kentucky's run defense. That's ridiculous, of course. Then again, Locke also played backup at linebacker and corner during high school....

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