Coach see more than stats

Numbers don't always indicate what a coach likes best in a game.

Numbers don't always indicate what a coach likes best in a game.

Sure, Kentucky coach John Calipari was thrilled with freshman John Wall's double-double of 21 points and 11 assists in UK's 92-63 win over Rider here Saturday. He liked Patrick Patterson's 19-point, 18-rebound effort. He was thrilled that backup center Daniel Orton had a career-high 14 points and six rebounds.

He was even happy that freshman DeMarcus Cousins had 18 points, six rebounds and five blocked shots because of a dominating second half. However, he was even happier about what Cousins did at halftime.

He had played just three minutes in the first half because of foul problems and Orton had 10 points and three rebounds by halfime.

"Here is the great thing that happened today. Daniel played so well (in the first half) but I want to make sure that I am bringing DeMarcus along, too. I have a lot of things on my plate that I need to get done," Calipari said. "I need to bring all these guys along.

"I was going to start DeMarcus in the second half, but I asked (assistant) coach (John) Robic ask him if he wanted to come off the bench or start and he said to let Daniel start because he had been playing so well and he would come off the bench. That is a big step for our program. That means they are starting to care about each other. That means they are starting to be able to see when another man is playing well to leave him in the game and not worry about themselves."

Patterson was impressed by Cousins' decision. "I figured DeMarcus would be starting the second half because he started the first. It shows that were starting to grow up and look after one another when someone steps up and says, ‘No leave him in he's playing better right now,'" Patterson said.

Orton said Robic, then Patterson and finally Cousins himself told him that he would be starting.

"We have a lot of great guys on this team and this showed how great our personalities are. We all have great people around us and it reflects how much we all love each other and how much love is on this team," Orton said.

"I realized the situation he was in with the fouls and it was my job to play well until he cam back in and I think I did that."

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