Harris, Stevenson embrace limited roles

There is probably a lot going on in Ramon Harris' and Perry Stevenson's heads right now. They are two guys who were starters last year and it is hard to explain to them why they are coming off the bench. They are seniors who play good defense and are good kids and players. But in terms of talent, they are probably right where they should be on the bench when the game starts.

As long as Kentucky continues to win — and that's the key to this — they will buy into it. If you are losing, they can complain about playing time or doing something different. But when you are winning and what you are doing is successful and these guys can come off the bench and get playing time, they stay happy.

The key to it is that everybody is going to play. Some guys are going to be in foul trouble. We are going to press and run a lot. There will be minutes for a lot of guys. Unfortunately for Ramon and Perry, it's not going to be the 25 to 30 minutes a game they are used to getting. It will be maybe five to 10 minutes.

For a guy like Perry because of his build, I think he might be more effective in short period than playing long minutes because his focus will be better. It will be tougher on Ramon. He looks at himself as a starter and that's the attitude you would want him to have.

They are not great offensive players. Ramon is a wonderful defensive player and so is Perry with those long arms to block shots. But when it comes to scoring, especially creating off the dribble as this offense is designed to do, they look awkward and are not polished and comfortable because that is not their game. I think these guys will work on their game and get better and when the opportunity comes they have to do the best they can. That is all they can do at this point.

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