Scouting UK vs UNC-Asheville

John Calipari takes his Wildcats to Louisville's Freedom Hall on Monday to take on North Carolina-Asheville. UNC-Asheville has had a rocky start to the season to date, starting the season with a goose egg in the W column.

When North Carolina-Asheville makes the trek to Freedom Hall to play the Kentucky Wildcats in their annual game in the city of Louisville they will bring with them an 0-5 record. While any Division 1 team is capable of beating any other Division 1 team in NCAA basketball on any given night, the UNC-Asheville squad on paper appears to be over matched.

Teams that have given Kentucky trouble this season have shot the ball well from deep. This does not bode well for the Bulldogs, out of the Big South conference, as they are shooting at about a 25% clip from behind the arc. As a team the Bulldogs are only shooting 37.7% on field goals for the season.

By comparison, John Calipari's Wildcats are hitting 36.7% from behind the arc, and 51.4% from the field on the season.

The Bulldogs are led by guards J.P. Primm and Chris Stephenson averaging 12 and 11 points per game respectively.

6-4 forward John Williams and 6-1 guard Matt Dickey score at a clip of 8.8 ppg each for the Bulldogs.

Offensively the Bulldogs lack a players with any real offensive firepower on their squad. Post players D.J. Cunningham and Eric Stubbs average 4.4 and 4 ppg respectively.

The Wildcats in contrast can throw a plethora of big men at the Bulldogs led by Patrick Patterson,16.2 ppg; and DeMarcus Cousins, 14.8 ppg. The two are backed up by a trio of players capable of hitting double-digits in solid Daniel Orton, long range bomber Josh Harrellson, and then enigmatic Perry Stevenson. Stevenson, stealing Gumpism, is "like a box of chocolate, you never know what you're gonna get." Stevenson can make astounding plays, at times looking like he has arrived; then at other times make the same mistakes and careless turnovers he displayed as a frosh at Kentucky.

The Wildcats feature two double-digit scorers in the backcourt, to balance their attack, with talented frosh guards John Wall, 19.8 ppg; and Eric Bledsoe, 11.3 ppg.

The Wildcats also have the luxury of two solid swingmen that combine for more than 16 ppg with Darius Miller, 8.5 ppg; and Darnell Dodson, 8 ppg.

In order to win the Bulldogs will have to slow down the Wildcats defensively, and play a deliberate game on offense while converting a much higher than normal percentage of their field goal attempts both from outside the arc and inside the arc.

The Bulldogs have already visited fellow SEC East foes Tennessee and Georgia. They were thumped into submission by the Vols, 124-49; and soundly whipped by UGa 79-58. To date the UNC-Asheville team is the only team the Georgia Bulldogs have defeated by double-digits.

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