Cal & Patterson discuss team's youth

Patrick Patterson has to be considered a wise veteran as a junior, especially when you look at his fellow starting five. Patterson starts alongside freshmen DeMarcus Cousins, John Wall, Eric Bledsoe and sophomore Darius Miller.

LOUISVILLE After Kentucky's public practice the squad's coach, John Calipari, and Patrick Patterson discussed the team's youth.

Kentucky starts three freshmen in John Wall, DeMarcus Cousin, and Eic Bledsoe. The Cats also start Darius Miller, a sophomore who did not get major minutes until late in his frosh season.

Two of Kentucky's top reserves are freshman center Daniel Orton; and sophomore win Darnell Dodson.

"We do have a lot of inexperience on the team. We have a lot of freshmen," said Patterson. "We have a lot of people that haven't played in big time situations. We're not trying to make excuses for ourselves; we have highly ranked recruits who have played in tough games. John (Wall), Eric (Bledsoe), DeMarcus (Cousins) and Daniel (Orton) and so on, we know they've been in tough games in their career and it can transfer over to the college level. They just have to tweak it a little bit and listen to coach a lot more and do what coach wants us to do."

Calipari evaluated his youthful squad, "We have so far to go. We are so young. I'd like to know what other team is starting three freshmen, and their sixth man is a freshman. And then we're playing two sophomores, one that never played division one basketball and one that barely played a year ago, basically that's our team. This next two week period, coming away from home (to Louisville) and playing like this is good for us. Seeing the support of our crazy fans, they're nuts and I love it, puts the pressure on us to prepare, not to win, but to prepare."

Calipari discussed the exuberance and desire of John Wall. Calipari reported, "He's been a great leader. I get reports on our weight training so I get a weekly report on how they're doing in the weight room and when you go to him, (the report reads) ‘comes with an unbelievable attitude to get better in the weight room.' In class he's trying to get all A's."

Calipari also discussed the improvement of Darius Miller. "I'll say this; Darius Miller has really gotten better. We all forgot, he didn't play last year, he never played. And so he gets in the game and he looks like a deer in headlights. Since then you see a steadier player, a player making big plays, big shots, big free throws. He's not afraid, trying to get better defensively and rebounding. He's very far from being adequate in those areas, but he's trying."

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