Cats go for historical 2000th victory

Kentucky coach John Calipari discusses Kentucky's game versus Drexel, and the quest for its 2000th win. Kentucky is one win away from becoming the first NCAA Division men's basketball program to reach the mark.

Kentucky coach John Calipari spoke about the Drexel squad his team will take on next. "They do a great job and really defend," said Calipari. "They are a good defensive team and they do a great job coming off screens. We need to be prepared for that. They are good enough to beat us. Everybody saw Austin Peay and they hung around. We had one or two gaps, and other than that, they played head-to-head with us. This team could do the same. I watched our game from Memphis a year ago. He is running things a little different than he did last year. I watched a couple tapes from this year. They defend, execute and take good shots. Sometimes, they shoot it really well, other times they don't. IF they are shooting it well, they are like Sam Houston State. These are good challenges for us."

Calipari then spoke at length on Kentucky playing for its 2,000th win.

"First of all, I'm such a small part of the 2,000 wins. But, there is a sense of responsibility when you are in this seat. There have not been many in this seat, but the guys that have been (here) know there is a sense of responsibility that you feel to the state, university, former players and coaches. We can act like it wasn't important for us to get to 12 (wins) before North Carolina got to 16 (wins), but believe me, the day after I took the job I started thinking, ‘How are we going to get to 12 before they get to 16?' Now I'm thinking, ‘How can we get to one before they get to seven?' That may not be Monday. It may be Wednesday; it may be next week when we come back. We need to get to one before they get to seven. This program has created a pride in this state, from Eastern, to Western, to Northern, to Southern Kentucky. People have a pride in their Commonwealth's team and it means something to them. Obviously, there all kinds of goals you have before your season starts. Some of it is non-conference, some of it is conference play, and then it becomes post-season play. There are all kinds of goals you are setting. When you start the season, everything is day-to-day. The good news is we have some gap. The pressure was the North Carolina game. When we got that I thought we'd have some breathing room to get there before them, because we had some space. Before the season started, after that game it is going to be a three game gap. I wasn't sure what we would do in the tournament in Cancun, and I thought that could be a loss. I though Connecticut and North Carolina games would be hard to win. I was hoping we could beat Indiana on the road, but I wasn't sure. I thought we'd have three to four losses with such a young team. The minute you sit in the seat I'm in, you understand the importance to the state. I'm happy we are up against it now. Let's just get it over and move on to what we have to do this season."

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