Kentucky players comment on seeking win 2000

Senior Mark Krebs on the program winning its 2000th game, "I wish that Mr. Keightley could be here to see it."

Perhaps more than any other player Mark Krebs is in tune with the feelings of the fans and the desire of the fans to win the race to 2000 wins. The Newport, Kentucky native attended Thomas More College as a frosh, then transferred to UK to attempt to walk-on to the team he dreamed of playing for growing up. Krebs is the only walk-on remaining from the former regime, and has been awarded a scholarship for his senior season by Kentucky coach John Calipari.

Krebs spoke of what it feels like to possibly be a part of history with win No. 2000.

The Kentucky senior said, "It is an unbelievable feeling that you are a part of a program that is so special and has won so many games. To be a part of it is really going to be special. The first to 2000 wins, that is amazing. It is going to be a great thing. Getting 2000 wins just show how special a place and a program that Kentucky is. It is just special."

Krebs discussed the team's preparation as it enters the game that could become the program's 2,000th win.

Does the team discuss the importance of the game?

Krebs said,"No, we are going to approach it just like every other game. We are going out to win and do what we have to do to win. We need to know our personnel and things like that. We are approaching it like it was just another game that we need to win. It would be special to get No. 2000 though. We are not putting too much stock into it, but it will be nice to look back on after the season is over."

Krebs talked about what the 2000th win means to fans.

"The fans love it and why shouldn't they? They definitely talk about it and you hear it on your way to class and things like that. Everyone is a part of this program that has helped to build it up, and the fans are a huge part of it. They should love it and they should cherish this game. Everyone that has been with the team so long should as well. I wish that (former UK equipment manager) Mr. (Bill) Keightley could be here to see it. It is going to be an amazing night when it happens and I am excited about it." Fellow senior Perry Stevenson echoed Krebs when asked how much the players on the team have been thinking about win No. 2000.

"We are approaching it as just another game," said Stevenson. "I am sure that we will celebrate after. There has not been much talk about it. You just have to approach it like it is just another game, but in the back of everybody's mind it feels good to be the first."

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