Up next for Cal's Cats, Hartford

John Calipari, Mark Krebs and DeAndre Liggins discussed Hartford at today's press conference. Calipari indicates the Cats will begin preparing for Louisville on Wednesday.

What does Kentucky coach John Calipari expect to see from Hartford and Louisville, later in the week?

"Right now, our next game is Hartford, a team that has struggled some, but shot the ball in games. I've probably watched four tapes of them and I think they'll play us with a lot of zone. If they are making three's and we are missing three's, we're in for a ballgame, and they can make three's."

Senior Mark Krebs said of Hartford, "They're going to come out and usually play a lot of man, but against us they will probably play a lot of zone. We don't know too much about personnel, but we'll do that today."

DeAndre Liggins was asked about Kentucky possibly overlooking Hartford, with Louisville on the horizon.

Liggins said, "We're not. You have to take it one game at a time and the coaches do a good job preparing us with the scouting report."

Calipari was asked about Saturday's game against Louisville, but the UK coach didn't take the bait.

Calipari said, "We aren't talking at all about that game. I will not watch any tape on the next game until this game is over, and until I watch that game. Until I watch Hartford, I will not watch (Louisville tape). I have seen no tape. I have seen clips or highlights, and I have not watched them play one game. Wednesday morning, we'll get started on that game. Right now it's 'let's get better and let's worry about our team.' I have a methodical way of going about it. You methodically go through the season. No one game is bigger than the next. That's how you do it. You don't move on from one game until you are done with the last game. Will that game this weekend be a big game? If we win it will be huge."

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