WALKER: UK will beat Louisville

Kentucky is going to beat Louisville Saturday because this year we just have better talent. Obviously, you can't rely just on that talent because in the Louisville game you throw records out the window and play in a different level but talent helps us out.

In previous years, you can say maybe Louisville had more talent, but this year talent is on our side.

The home court really doesn't mean a whole lot in this series, but I am glad we are playing this first game between coach Cal and coach Pitino in Rupp Arena. I think the crowd will be electric like it was for the North Carolina game and we know that our freshmen like the big stage. I am happy about the home-court advantage.

Louisville lost a lot of players that they could not replace and we gained a whole lot. I think depth comes into play and really favors Kentucky.

At the end of the day, this first game between Cal and Pitino, it is all about the atmosphere and playing in Rupp Arena. I think coach Cal's first experience against coach Pitino in the Kentucky-Louisville series is going to be a pleasant one.

It will be a good preparation game for Kentucky going into the SEC. People said the league was down last year and I thought it would be back this year, but a couple of teams have had tough losses. If you are going to make one last big impression on the nation before you go to what is perceived as a down SEC, you make your statement by beating Louisville and hopefully beating them pretty good because if the SEC is down, it's going to be hard to get quality wins in league play. That makes beating Louisville even more important.

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